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Protect your radiator

Keep your radiator running in top condition with preventive maintenance, and cleaning.

You'll be able to trust Dale's Radiator & A/C Service to clean your radiator with chemicals, pressure, or steam. All cleaning process is specifically related to protecting your radiators' material.

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Keep your heavy duty equipment moving

Dale's Radiator & A/C Service specializes in service and repair for cooling, heating, air conditioning systems, and more. Not only can you trust in our quality service and experience, but you can also call us for on-site work for larger equipment.


Our on-site service allows us to work almost anywhere and have many parts in stock and with us to repair your equipment quickly.

Quality equipment maintenance includes:

Quality Service Automotive Repair

“Dale's is family-oriented, and took that approach when helping me to figure out what was wrong with my heavy duty equipment.”

- Anonymous

 •  Gas and fuel tank repair

 •  Air/ heat exchange systems

 •  Oil coolers

 •  Air conditioning installation

 •  Cleaning

Professional industrial services:

 •  Automotive

 •  Heavy Duty

 •  Off road equipment

 •  Agricultural equipment

 •  Construction equipment

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